Pilgrims Tonics
homeopathic tonics for dogs and cats

Pilgrims Tonics

I used to sell and use a range of combination remedies called MacSamuel Tonics. They are not available anymore and so I have had made up similar products by Hillus at Homeoforce and based on but expanded from the MacSamuel Range as we could not get them

It was a range of 27 mainly complex homeopathic and herbal supplements or natural tonics designed by a Dutch Veterinary Surgeon Atjo Westerhuis. They have been used successfully by Veterinary Surgeons for many years.

Strict legal stipulations leave the wording here and information on the package somewhat vague. We are not allowed to give specific indications You can get some ideas from the descriptions below and from reading my advice site or contacting me for a consultation.

The book Your Dog and Homeopathy written by Atjo Westerhuis can also fill this gap and is highly recommended. Some extracts will soon be published elsewhere on the natural medicine part of the site to aid your choice

Available on the Book Page from Amazon or from Saltaire Books (Freeman's Chemist)

The cost of the tonics at present is £12.50 including VAT and shipping (free to UK only sorry)
Choose below which you would like:
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These are homeopathic Remedies. Supplied in small dropper bottles to administer to your pet or yourself for that matter. Lift the lip and give a dropper-full onto the gums or inside of the mouth as often as directed.
The exact amount does not matter with homeopathic. The potency and frequency of administration does.
Check the signs you are seeing to select the appropriate tonic.
There is more information about homeopathic first aid on my advice site naturalpetcare.vet.

Pilgrim's Tonics Listing

Joint A Tonic

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a combination of 2 homeopathic remedies Bryonia and Calc. Flour. suits animals with pains in the joints that find it hard getting going especially in the evening

Ingredients: Diluted extracts of Bryony, and Calcium Flouride.
Homeopathic: Bryonia 12x and Calc. Flour. 12x.

Packaging: 15ml dropper 20% alcohol

Dosage: 5 -10 drops depending on size of patient once or twice daily for 2 to 4 months. If symptoms worsen on twice daily just give once daily.

Joint D Tonic

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a combination of 3 homeopathic remedies Rhus tox, Symphytum and Calc. Flour; suits animals with nagging pains when lying down or sitting which improve once they have got going. Their lameness may return after moving for a while.

Ingredients: Diluted extracts of Comphrey, Poison oak and Calcium Phosphate.

Homeopathic: Rhus tox. 30x, Symphytum 2x and Calc. Flour. 30x.

Packaging: 25ml dropper 15% alcohol

Dosage: 1 dropperful once daily for 2 to 4 months or as long as required

Birth Tonic

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a combination of 3 homeopathic remedies to aid recovery from difficult births in the dog or cat or reduce the likelyhood of problems before they happen it contains:

Ingredients: Diluted extracts of Mountain arnica, Blue colh and Savin Tree.
Homeopathic: Arnica 6x, Caulophylum thalictroides. 4x and Sabina. 6x.

Packaging: 25ml dropper 15% alcohol

Dosage: 1 dropper depending 3 times with 1-2 hours between doses. This can be repeated again after 4 hours but if not affect then other intervention should be considered.
It is often best to start Caulophylum before problems begin and to give to bitches if they have had problems in the past with welping. Start 5 days before welping.

Individual Remedy Pictures:
Arnica exhaustion, fatigue bruising.
Caulophylum: cervical dilation
Sabina: Uterine tonic.

To aid weak contractions during labour

Milk-No Pups Tonic

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a combination of 4 homeopathic remedies for the relief of milk-no-pups syndrome in the bitch which is quite common a couple of months after a season if she is not pregnant whether mated or not.

it contains

Ingredients: Diluted extracts of Devils Dung, Ignatia bean, sage and nettle.

Homeopathic: Asa foetida 4x, Ignatia 6x, Salva off. 2x, & Urtica 6x

Packaging: 25ml dropper 15% alcohol

Dosage: 1 dropper 3 times daily for 2-3 weeks.

Individual Remedy Pictures:
Asa Foetida: regulates lactation and maternal hysteria.
Ingatia: Grief and depression.
Salvia off.: suppression of unwanted milk production.
Urtica.: suppression of unwanted milk production

Together the picture matches a bitch with a phantom pregnancy: depressed sometimes grumpy and irritable behaviour. Miserable indoors and milk production. She may 'adopt ' toys etc as pups and nesting behaviour

Loud Noise Tonic

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Noise Tonic

Designed to reduce the fear of loud noise and thunder this combination homeopathic remedy contains

Ingredients: Diluted extracts of Oat, Passion Flower Rhodendron Phosphorous and borax.

Homeopathic: Avena sativa MT, Passiflora incarnata MT, Phos 6x, Rhodendron 3x and Borax 3x

Packaging: 25ml dropper 15% alcohol

Dosage: 1-2 droppers depending on size of patient times daily for 1-2 months.

Individual Remedy Pictures: Avena sativa & Passiflora incarnata: have a calming light sedative affect. Homeopathically the picture of Rhod. is a of a fear of rain thunderstorms and gales and borax a fear of sudden loud noise.

This makes it suitable to start a few weeks before bonfire night but is not adequate in most cases on its own on the night. CBD oils I have found can also help as may other soothing herbs

Leaks Tonic

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Leaks Tonic

a low potency homeopathic remedy: Damiana MT indicated in case of urine leakage in bitches when relaxed.

Ingredients: Extracts of Damiana.
Homeopathic: Damiana MT

Packaging: 50ml dropper 62% alcohol

Dosage: 5-10 drops depending on size of patient 3 times daily for 3-6 weeks. If successful after a few weeks you can try daily dosing best given in the evening.

Individual Remedy Pictures:

This is a herbal remedy when used like this as a Mother tincture
Damiana: Urine leaking when relaxed mainly in females which have been spayed, the herb has also been used to improve libido in male dogs

Koff-off Tonic

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Koff-Off Tonic

a combination of 4 homeopathic remedies for coughs and respiratory problems in the dog or cat.

Active Ingredients: Arsenicum album 6x, Cuprum aceticum 4x, Kali bich 4x, Drosera 2x, Spongia tosta 4x.

Individual remedies a brief description:
Arsen alb. Viral infections of the airway
Cuprum ac. Bronchospasm
Kali bich: stringy discharges
Spongia: tickly cough
Drosera: throat infections

Dosage: Give 1 dropper (small dogs and cats) to 2 droppers (larger dogs) 3 times daily, the medication can be given in water, milk or directly into the mouth. Results may not be seen for 1 week continue for up to 4 weeks. Consult your vet if it persists.

Remedy Picture: The tonicum fits the following picture: A dog that coughs when pulling on its collar or excited. He has coughing spasms as if a bone was stuck in his throat and may cough up a small amount of sticky white mucous looking like egg white. (Kennel Cough can appear like this of course)

Alone Tonicum

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a homeopathic remedy for the fear of being alone in particular at night may lead to destructive tendancies urinating or defaecating in the house in the same place each time.

Ingredients: Diluted extracts of Thornapple and windflower
Homeopathic: Stramonium 6x and Pulsatilla 6x

Packaging: 25ml dropper 15% alcohol

Dosage: 1dropper daily for up to 8-12 weeks.

Individual Remedy Pictures:
The constant theme of this remedy is of an insecurity about safety and finding an otherwise familiar environment threatening. A fear of being alone in particular at night may lead to destructive tendencies urinating or defaecating in the house in the same place each time. These symptoms may develop after a sudden change in circumstances such as a house move. It may become over attached to 1-2 persons and occasionally aggressive with strangers. Fear of dark and mirrors are keynotes. Separation anxiety.
Insure, soft and needy

Skin Al Tonic

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Skin A - a combination of 4 homeopathic remedies for itchy skin in the dog designed to reduce skin irritation or flea sensitivity

Ingredients: Diluted extracts of Dog and Cat flea, house dust mite, combined cultures of Staphylococcus and mash rosemary.

Homeopathic: Ctenophalum 30x, House dust mite 30x, Staphylococcum 30x and Ledum 30x

Packaging: 50ml dropper 15% alcohol

Dosage: 1 dropper daily for 3 months. Sometimes just for the season they are affected

The first 3 ingredients are common allergens in dogs cats and man causing itching.
They are in this preparation diluted and potentised so as to attempt to build up a resistance to these. The remedy picture for Ledum shows itching worse for warmth and puncture wounds such as insect bites.

Spine Tonic

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a combination of 3 homeopathic remedies for loss of use of the hind legs due to paralysis caused by spine or nerve problems such as CDRM or arthritis

Ingredients: Diluted extracts of Devils Claw, Lead and Strychnine nitrate.
Homeopathic: Harpagophytum 6x, 6x, Plumbum Metallicum 12x and Strychninum nit. 12x.

Packaging: 50ml dropper 15% alcohol

Dosage: 1 dropper 2 times daily for 2 to 3 months. You may be able to reduce to once daily after 3 months but keep it up if working.

Individual Remedy Pictures:
Harpagophytum: boney overgrowth around joints and spine.
Plumbum: nerve sensation loss and muscle wastage
Strychninum nit: weakness of hind legs

See the advice notes in the ailment section for more advice about which tonic to chose CDRM

Sport & Injury Tonic

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Injury or Sport Tonic
a combination of 4 homeopathic remedies for bruising, injury and lameness

Ingredients: Diluted extracts of Mountain Arnica, daisy, St. John's Wort, Rue and Poison Oak.

Homeopathic: Arnica 6x, Hypericum 6x, Bellis perennis and Ruta graveolens. 6x.

Packaging: 50ml dropper 15% alcohol

Dosage: 1 dropper 3 times daily for up to 4 weeks. In some cases it can be 3 weeks before improvement is noted but usually a lot sooner do not forget not to overdo it while sore more injury may result.

Individual Remedy Pictures:
Arnica: Bruising as a result of trauma.
Bellis perennis: pulled muscles and bruising
Rhus tox.: Tendon damage.
Ruta: trauma to muscle and tendons. Arnica: Bruising as a result of trauma.

Together these remedies form a picture of injury, bruising over exercise or similar