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These pages tell you more about some of our products where not all the information fits on the shopping pages or a few products are not available through my shop but from affiliate sites.

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Pet Plus for Dogs and Cats


Pet Plus and Fidospore
Pet Plus is the best general supplement with probiotics and enzymes and Fidospore an advanced probiotic recently introduced from the Microbiome lab in the USA

Nosodes for Dogs

Homeopathic Remedies
Nosodes and combination remedies for pets and people

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Oils and Herb combinations for health

CBD and Hemp

HempSMART products
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A range of Hemp and CBD products for the people in your pets life.

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Cannawell CBD products
CBD based Herbal supplements and beauty products

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Ellevance CBD products
CBD based Herbal supplements and sports oils

Smart BARF

Vegetable, Seed and Fruit Mix for Dogs

Golden Paste

Golden Paste
Turmeric based Herbal supplements to aid discomfort in pets and people


Herbal supplement to aid immune function

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Books: Natural Pet Care
A selection of recommended titles so you can learn more about Holistic Pet Care

Herbal - callendula

Other Herbal Supplements
Other herbs from Dorwest, Hilton herbs and Pilgrims Petcare


Medicinal Mushrooms
Mycological herbal Supplements

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