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Natural Pet Care:Holistic Veterinarian

The Holistic Consultation

I wanted to tell you the sort of information I will be looking for and what to expect from a homeopathic and holistic consult so that you can prepare. This will apply whether we meet in person or use Zoom or another video technology.
We will meet for about an hour depending on how much information I have been given beforehand and the complexity of the case.
I will ask not only about the basic presenting signs or symptoms but also much more about how these present in the patient.

The referring Vets history is of interest but not always in the way you may expect and not essential apart from drug/herb interactions

I want to get to know my patients, find out their peculiar behaviours, the way they respond to an illness as well as what your conventional vet asks.
I want to know her preferences; does she like fats, is she happier in the cold weather or open air or sitting all alone?

I will recommend not only such and such a herb but also a change of diet perhaps, to add some Ghee to her food if her kidneys are not 100%
I will not in

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