Noise Tonic


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Fear of fireworks and Thunder

one of the Pilgrims Tonics – A range of combination homeopathic remedies based on the discontinued MacSamuel Range.

The book Your Dog and Homeopathy written by Atjo Westerhuis and is highly recommended. Some extracts will soon be published elsewhere on the natural medicine part of the site to aid your choice of tonic.

Available on the Book Page from Amazon or from Saltaire Books (Freeman’s Chemist)

The cost of the tonics at present is £9.00 including VAT and shipping to UK/Ireland

They are supplied as a 25ml dropper bottle of a remedy in approx 20% alcohol one gives just a few drops at a time.


Product Details
Noise Tonic

Designed to reduce the fear of loud noise and thunder this combination homeopathic remedy contains:

Ingredients: Diluted extracts of Oat, Passion Flower Rhodendron Phosphorous and borax.
Homeopathic: Avena sativa MT, Passiflora incarnata MT, Phos 6x, Rhodendron 3x and Borax 3x
Packaging: 25ml dropper 15% alcohol

Works well with Pet Remedy essential oils, Nutracalm  and DAP

Dosage: 1- 3 drops in water depending on size of patient times daily for 1-2 months.
Individual Remedy Pictures:

Avena sativa & Passiflora incarnata: have a calming light sedative affect.

Homeopathically the picture of Rhod. is a of a fear of rain thunderstorms and gales and borax a fear of sudden loud noise.
This makes it suitable to start a few days before bonfire night but if not  adequate in then also try DAP, nutracalm and or pet remedy and desensitisation.

CBD oils I have found can also help as may other soothing herbs such as those found in Nutracalm

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 cm


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