Sport and Injury Tonic

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Injury & bruising

Lameness muscle or joint pain even chronic arthritis it can help


Sport and Injury Tonic RRA+

A combination of 4 homeopathic remedies which I might recommend if you or your pet had an injury or overuse discomfort after trying. I am using this at the moment due to a knee injury when cycling.

Ingredients: Diluted extracts of Mountain Arnica, daisy, St. John’s Wort, Rue and Poison Oak.

Homeopathic: Arnica 6x, Hypericum 6x, Bellis perennis and Ruta graveolens. 6x.

Packaging: 25ml dropper 15% alcohol

Dosage: 1-3 drops 3 times daily for up to 4 weeks. In some cases it can be 3 weeks before improvement is noted but usually a lot sooner do not forget not to overdo it while sore more injury may result.

Individual Remedy Pictures:

Arnica: Bruising as a result of trauma.

Bellis perennis: pulled muscles and bruising

Rhus tox.: Tendon damage.

Ruta grav: trauma to muscle and tendons. .

Together these remedies form a picture of injury, bruising over exercise or similar

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