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Benefits of Flax Oil

The core ingredient in our Proflax Natural superfood supplement range is premium cold pressed flax oil, which is grown here in the UK. All of our flax oil is totally traceable and from a ‘DEFRA approved' and 'Red Tractor Farm Assured’ Farm. These official standards mean that the flax oil used in Proflax Natural is totally pesticide and chemical free, akin to organic.
Flax oil is a very rich natural source of Omega 3, which is an essential fatty acid (EFA) and is needed alongside Omega 6 in order for the body to perform key biological functions. 

There are many pet foods that have a high Omega 6 content, but very few that contain adequate levels of Omega 3. As a result the amount of Omega 6 consumed often exceeds the levels of Omega 3, which causes an EFA imbalance, which then can cause biological imbalances and health problems. Animals are unable to produce Omega 3 themselves, so it is crucial to supplement it in their diet to maintain good health. Many pet foods will claim to include a good amount of Omega 3, but they are rarely in sufficient quantities to give genuine health benefits, as Omega 3 is generally a more expensive ingredient.

Our flax oil contains a whopping 60% Omega 3, so supplementing your dog’s daily food with Proflax Natural is an extremely effective and 100% natural way of ensuring that their essential fatty acid intake is at it's best.

Some proven health benefits of omega 3 rich flax oil;

• Is an excellent source of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals
• High in all important Omega 3 essential fatty acids 
• Maintains a healthy brain and heart
• Promotes healthy skin & shiny coat
• Lubricates joints and aids mobility
• Has a calming, relaxing effect
• Is high in anti-oxidants, supporting hormone function and cellular health
• Aids the digestive system
• Maintains a balanced metabolism
• Supports the immune system

By adding a generous amount of our unique active herbal formulas to our flax oil means that, as well as the great benefits of flax oil, your dog will also benefit from  powerful support for specific areas of concern, as well as maintaining optimal general health and wellbeing.
If you are unsure whether flax oil will be metabolised by your dog correctly due to efficient ALA to EPA/DHA conversion then please see our FAQ section for more information

Benefit of Herbs to your pet

The power of herbs - amazing benefits for your dog

Herbs are not some new age fad or simply for use in cooking. They have been around for thousands of years and are very powerful. African and Native Americans used herbs in their rituals and Ancient Chinese and Egyptian papyrus writings shows that herbs were used as early as 3,000 BC. Over the last Century, herbs have been used more and more to support and maintain good health. There is a now a huge amount of scientific/clinical research about their health benefits.

Herbs can be used long term, have little or no side effects when chosen correctly, and offer ongoing support for the biological system of all animals. Certain herbs can help to cleanse and balance the system so are holistic in nature. Every herb in its natural, active state is made up of thousands of unique compounds and when specific herbs are mixed together they create a synergy which can offer some amazing therapeutic effects. Active herbs are full of phytonutrients and so packed with essential minerals and vitamins. In short, herbs are powerful remedies that can help to maintain and support optimal health and wellbeing!

In recent years clinical research has helped us to establish which herbs work best in supporting various aspects of health in animals as well as humans. In creating the Proflax Natural range each of the herbs that make up our therapeutic formulas in our three products have been hand-picked for their individual benefits and collective synergy by an independent veterinary expert and then combined with a flax oil base. We use only the purest of British grown herbs, either leaf or root, free from pesticides or any other artificial additives. The herbs are freshly extracted in order to retain their active compounds, which means that they have not undergone any drying/heating or been through any synthetic processes before bottling. Due to our formulas being active they absorb more effectively into the bloodstream and so offer fast results. The farm we use for all of our herbs is cGMP licensed, and are BHMA & NIMH members so have full accreditation.

Most importantly, we add between 20 - 25% of our unique active herbal formulas to each bottle, which makes Proflax Natural products powerful and effective, yet gentle in nature. 

Here are some of the benefits of our herbal formulas;

• Nutrient rich - bursting with essential vitamins and minerals 
• 100% natural - pure and raw!
• British grown with full traceability
• Premium quality herbs, freshly extracted in order to maintain their active compounds
• Practitioner grade herbal extracts with a 1:2 strength for maximum efficacy
• Hand selected formulas that have been created in synergy for powerful health benefits 
• Include herbs that cleanse, balance and heal the system
• Unique formulas for each specific product type
• Carried in a flax oil based, easy to feed, pourable liquid

What are Phytonutrients

'Phytonutrients' are chemical compounds that naturally occur in plants and have protective, therapeutic properties.

A variety of these beneficial compounds have been identified by researchers in helping the body to maintain peak health.

Phytonutrients are natural anti oxidants and fight free radicals, thus reducing oxidation within the body so that degenerative diseases and inflammatory conditions are much less likely to occur. They help cells repair and support the body’s natural detoxifying abilities.

In summary phytonutrients help to:
* Boost antioxidant defense to protect your body on a cellular level and prevent the oxidative damage that can lead to disease
* Anti-inflammatory—the pungent constituents of ginger and ‘curcumin’ in turmeric are good examples
* Modulate and enhance immune function, maintaining your body’s healing and detoxification system while keeping inflammation subdued
* Prevent damage by carcinogens, such as ultraviolet radiation, tobacco smoke, and environmental pollutants
All of our herbal formulas contain large amounts of phytonutrients as they are used in their active, natural state, rather than having gone through any drying or heating processes.

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