Nutrafibre is a natural high fibre supplement that supports digestive health and normal anal gland function. Its scientifically proven formula has been developed to help maintain the gut’s natural balance by utilising proven natural ingredients which softens stool consistency and encourages normal bowel movements.

  • Softens and optimises stool consistency
  • Encourages normal bowel movements
  • Assists anal gland clearance
  • Helps maintain a sufficient level of fibre in the gut
  • Supports pets with sensitive digestion
  • Helps balance raw and high meat content diets
  • 400gm tub

Fast acting support for long-term digestive health

Optimises stool consistency

The unique Nutrafibre formulation not only helps soften stools but also has the dual benefit of being able to help firm up loose stools to aid and optimise stool consistency.

Aids long-term digestive health

Nutrafibre safely supports digestive tract health to aid digestion, normal colon function and long-term gut health, helping animals with sensitive tummies.

High Fibre – Fast Acting

Fibre helps pets form healthy stools (of the type that are easy to pick up) whilst aiding normal anal gland expression. Nutrafibre contains special sources of both soluble and insoluble fibre to optimise stool quality and provide long-term support for pets

Assists anal gland clearance

Nutrafibre aids normal bowel movement to help encourage anal gland expression. Additional support is especially useful when high meat diets are fed, (which contain a very low fibre content).

Weight 0.45 kg


What’s In it?

Mixed Fibres – Dried Apple/ Sugar Beet Pulp/Psyllium  – Nutrafibre contains Dried Apple, Sugar Beet Pulp and Psyllium Husk to provide an optimal blend of soluble and insoluble fibres. Apple and Sugar Beet Pulp are excellent sources of both soluble and insoluble fibre and help absorb excess water in the intestines.

Psyllium Husk contains a unique source of soluble fibre which has a very high water binding capability, forming a lubricating gel that helps increase faecal bulk to encourage normal anal gland expression. Psyllium also helps reduce hairballs.

Prebiotics and Probiotic – Some types of Prebiotic fibre act as a food source for the beneficial bacteria in the pet’s gut to help aid immunity. Prebiotic fibre such as FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharides) and MOS (Mannan-oligosaccharides), work in synergy with our Probiotic Bacillus velezensis to improve the natural gut microflora and aid stool consistency.

Fish Hydrolysate – Fish Hydrolysate provides peptides (such as Gastrins) that help maintain the gut in food sensitive animals. An additional benefit is that these peptides are very palatable and are relished by both cats and dogs.

Each 10g scoop contains

5,000mg – Dried Apple
2,750mg – Sugar Beet Pulp
1,000mg Psyllium Husk (99%)
500mg – Hydrolysed Fish Protein
500mg – Yeast Extract (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
162mg – Inulin
2 x 108CFU – Bacillus velezensis (C-3102)

How Much How Often?

To be given to your dog as recommended by your veterinary surgeon.

Pellets to be mixed with your pet’s usual food and required quantity spread over the number of daily meals.

Some pets have more sensitive digestion than others, so monitor progress with your vet and adjust daily serving as required.

1 rounded scoop = 10g

Type Body weight (kgs) Scoops per day
S/B dog 0-9.99 0.5
M/B dog 10-24.99 1
L/B dog 23-39.99 2
L/B dog 40+ 3


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