Homeopathic Consultations

These can be conducted at your residence or at the clinic in Herne Common
A homeopathic consultation will take about an hour.

While a referral from your normal vet is not required we will ask for history from the practice to ensure there are no underlying problems which might affect treatment and to check past history and medications as these can affect therapies.
It can be useful in many illnesses see more elsewhere on the site.
Any animal can benefit from homeopathy, as can humans.

After I have met you in personal follow ups can be conducted by Skype or similar applications if desired. A remedy or selection of remedies will be chosen either at the meeting or within a day or so and prescribed for yourself or companion.
I may also recommend changes to diet, exercise and other aspects of lifestyle. Herbal remedies and supplements may also be beneficial and prescribed. There will be additional costs for these but these medicines are not expensive.

Homeopathy is suitable for a wide variety of conditions. Homeopathy represents the second most used medicine in the world and is increasing in popularity.
Homeopathic remedies are made primarily from natural substances such as plants and minerals that undergo a meticulous process of dilution and potentisation. These are administered in extremely small doses and thus are exceptionally safe. Scientific evidence for homeopathy can be
accessed here.
What sort of conditions can homeopathy be useful for?

Chronic Illness of any kind can be helped (That is long term illnesses)

For example

  • Cancer - Either along side conventional treatments or surgery or on it's own
  • Allergy
  • Emotional problems, anxiety
  • Skin disorders
  • Epilepsy
  • Arthritis and other locomotor problems

Many other conditions have been helped by the use of homeopathic medicines. If you have any questions please ask I will not start cases I do not think I can help with.

It is also useful for more short term problems cuts, injuries and first aid. Some examples are on
this page and in my treatment page

For example Kennel Cough, False Pregnancy, real Pregnancies,

The same is true for people as well as animals. Many problems can be helped with the judicious use of homeopathy.
I can treat people using homeopathy in people as well as animals.

In people these are the sort of illnesses which have been treated with benefit:

    • Illnesses such as colds, flu, cough and cystitis
    • Depression, anxiety, grief or panic attacks or other emotional problems
    • Behavioural problems in children
    • Chronic fatigue and post-viral syndrome
    • Asthma and allergies
    • Headaches and migraine
    • Skin Problems
    • To help reduce symptoms in advanced disease like MS or cancer
    • Premenstrual syndrome and menopause
    • Pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal care

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