Home Consultations

I can see cases in your home, farm or stable. The home environment can be a lot less stressful for many animals. It is of particular value for end-of-life and palliative care. (Read more)

More routine treatments such as Pet Passports, vaccinations, new puppy or kitten check overs can easily be done at home as well as many other consultations.
I do not have a great deal of experience treating horses with conventional drugs and only see smaller animals for conventional treatments.
I am particularly interested in pain management, dermatology (skin disease) and chronic disease.

Ring and see if I can make your life and your pets life less stressful by having a home visit.

Nutritional Advice

I can set out a feeding regime for your pets; I prompt feeding of raw and home prepared diets as you will see from the website but it is not always easy to be confident you have a balanced healthy diet for your pet particularly if their health is not good. We can discuss the best foods and if necessary supplements to feed. I can also give talks to groups at for example your dog club.

Parasite Control

I can advice and supply products to control parasites either conventional pharmaceuticals or herbal regimes. I will also advice and carry out blood or faeces (stool) testing regimes to ensure your companions are kept safe.

I try to minimise the use of vaccines in my practice, I will recommend and take bloods for titre testing, provide nosodes for kennel cough and follow the latest research to recommend the best, hopefully least damaging course of action to protect your companions.

Area covered

I can visit most parts of Kent (but see charges for places further afield) my main area is from Thanet to Medway on the North Coast of Kent and the Canterbury, Maidstone and Ashford areas

Fee Guide

Homeopathic Consults £45.00 (pets and people)
Acupuncture Treatments £35.00 (pets and peeps)
Laser treatments from
Visit fees within 15 miles £15.00
Consultations £25.00 per 30 minute consult

Euthanasia £30 - £70.00 (plus cost of medication) (pets only)
Cremation: I do not offer cremation but will help to arrange collection and cremation and if required return of ashes.

Estimates and quotes provided for other services

Complimentary Treatments such as herbs, homeopathy and acupuncture are covered under many insurance policies but do check first. Home visits costs may not be covered but the actual treatment should be. Direct claims are possible but not encouraged.