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Dermoscent Products
Proflax Skin and Coat

is a daily superfood supplement which helps to soothe itchy sensitive skin, promote a shiny coat, help alleviate allergies and reduce hair loss.
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Hillius's Flea Tonic

Sulphur for itching and flea potentised to help reduce flea bite irritation. NB does not kill fleas
Efficacy Studies
Clinical studies have been carried out by veterinarians in 7 countries on 210 dogs and 79 cats. After one month of treatment, a remarkable improvement across several criteria has been established:
Percentage of change between D0 and D28

Fur shine : +80%
Fur shine : +76%
Loss of hair : -65%
Loss of hair : -53%
Presence of dandruff : -79%
Presence of dandruff : -79%
Deodorising effect : +70%
Deodorising effect : +93%
Balancing effect (reduction of fatty/oily or
dry appearance of the skin): +74%


Dermoscent 6 Small Dogs
Dermoscent 6 Medium Dogs
Dermoscent 6 Large Dogs

Video on the use of Essential 6

Dermoscent for cats and other products

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Dermoscent for Cats
Dermoscent Bio Balm Skin Repairing Care for Dogs
Dog Skin Balm
for itchy dogs, the original UK-made 100% Natural Dog Balm
Highly recommended

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