Voltrex 85g

Based on a two-thousand-year-old formula to support resolution of inflammation in the hips, knees and spinal cord​


Voltrex how does it help?

Anti-inflammatory drugs used to treat arthritis, hip dysplasia, disc disease and ligament damage are very beneficial in the first few days following injury, but continued use of these pain relievers may actually hinder long term healing, by cutting off the blood supply those tissues need to heal. Feeding of processed diets likewise interferes with joints and ligaments getting the circulation they need for their inflammation to resolve. If the situation continues, joints gradually deteriorate and may become thickened and permanently deformed.

Voltrex supports normal blood flow to joints and ligaments so healing can occur without compromising pain relief. As joints and ligaments heal over several weeks or months, anti-inflammatory drugs are needed less and less, which allows the pace of healing to accelerate. Meanwhile, other joints and ligaments on the verge of injury receive support as well, such that Voltrex supports the whole body becoming stronger and less prone to injury in the future.

Improvements from the improved joint circulation should begin in the first few days, but it may take many months before ligaments and joints are completely healed. Over that time, lameness becomes more intermittent, allowing anti-inflammatory drugs to be used only as needed to relieve pain, instead of so often that they hinder healing. Animals can stay on their feet longer, get up faster and appear more free and comfortable in their movements.

How quickly and fully the joints heal depends upon several factors, including whether the animal is on a real food meat- and vegetable-based diet, and whether other therapies like  acupuncture, physio or hydrotherapy and chiropractic are being used to fully restore joint circulation and healing. Once dogs have plateaued in their initial improvements on Voltrex, swich them to Lumbrex.

Besides healing joints, Voltrex also supports the healing of deep spinal cord injuries. Use Voltrex for about two to three weeks before adding in Lumbrex


  • Turmeric root
  • Cinnamomum twig
  • Ginseng root
  • Bupleurum root
  • Large Leaf Gentian root
  • White Peony root
  • Pinellia rhizome
  • Licorice root root
  • Scutellaria root
  • Ginger rhizome
  • Jujube
  • Natural flavouring

Voltrex is an organically grown concentrated herbal extract in powdered form. If possible, start using the herbs a week or more before any diet change, and make those changes gradually over three or four days.

To use, just fold the herbs into your pet’s food, or shake them up with broth or water and pour them over top.

As a suggested starting dose, give twice daily as follows:

  • Up to 7 kgs : 1/8 tsp
  • 8 to 19 kgs: 1/4 tsp
  • 20 to 30 kgs: 1/2 tsp
  • 30 to 50 kgs: 3/4 tsp
  • Over 50 kgs: 1 tsp

If benefits are not seen, the dose can be safely doubled.

One bottle  lasts over a month for dogs 23 kgs and under; and for two weeks for 45 kilo dogs

Kathy D. October 5, 2023, 11:00:49 PM
My little Andy seems to be walking straighter and enjoying his walks more. Thank you from Andy and his mom❣️
Andy has been “ bowed” on his left side for two years. We have tried different therapies and supplements. Voltrex has helped this curvature by about 60-70%. We are thrilled, especially Andy😍
Adeline S. September 12, 2023, 2:57:03 AM
Definitely recommended
I first watched Dr Marsden’s interview on Upward Dog and decided to try out Voltrex as my boy has hip dysplasia. He had been on it for about 6mths when he started limping. I went back to watch the interview when several vets told me my boy has to do surgery. Dr Marsden gave me so much hope that I made sure his inflammation was kept at bay with Voltrex and Lumbrex. Added on acupuncture & chiropractic as recommended by Dr Marsden. TCM rocks. Thank you Dr Marsden & Gold Standard Herbs for bringing hope to me & my boy! Surgery is the last resort.
Karen K. August 23, 2023, 3:07:49 AM
Feedback on Adoptrex, Voltrex and Lumbrex
Thank you for your prompt shipment of all your products! As a volunteer with several senior dogs at a rescue, I have been purchasing and using these herbs in extending and improving their quality of life. Dr. Steve’s Facebook pages have provided a wealth of information & recommendations.
Rosemary M. June 5, 2023, 2:25:16 AM
Feedback on Voltrex, Cessorex, Halscion

Yes, it arrived today along with another bottle of Cessorex, and one of Halscion. I am trying the Voltrex on Kia, a 13 year old border collie, because we are deep in tick country. She has had three occurrences/reoccurences of Lyme which were treated with doxycyline. According to Steve Marsden, Voltrex is very good at keeping the Lyme quant low, ie keeping the little beast -spirochete -under control. Kia was rather lethargic but has been much more active the last week. Also, since Steve told me I could use the herbs together, I have been giving her Cessorex because she seems to have allergies – these are intermittent so maybe of nervous origin. However, the porphyria on her paws from licking has disappeared and so has the licking so I think the Cessorex is doing its job. I adopted Kia in 2011. She was from a feral litter brought over from Ireland to a rescue in Wales and although she has adjusted very well she has at times been a bit stressy – background, border collie who knows. I am hoping the Halscion may help with this. Hope I’m not overdoing it. These herbs seem to be much safer than Big Pharma drugs.


Rosemary MacKenzie

Martha H. April 5, 2023, 6:37:18 PM
I bought voltrex for my dog who has a new injury .it works great!
Her rehab place is amazed at how well she is doing and I don’t have to give her painkillers any more ! This stuff is amazing !

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