Advanced support for reducing plaque, tartar & bad breath

Nutraplaque is a completely natural product that provides an advanced double action formula to help aid oral health and hygiene by systemically working against bad breath, tartar & plaque for healthy teeth and gums.

The effects can be seen for as long as the product is being taken and are usually seen within 3-8 weeks with the results providing visibly whiter, cleaner teeth and fresher breath.

  • Scientifically proven to reduce plaque & remove tartar
  • Helps control plaque
  • Reduces bad breath
  • Supports healthy teeth and gums
  • Easy to administer sprinkle capsules
  • 100% natural
  • Free from artificial colours, preservatives, gluten and sugar
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Nutraplaque Sprinkle Capsules

Advanced support for reducing plaque, tartar & bad breath

Double action formula 

The unique double action formula of Nutraplaque combines to support optimal oral health by reducing plaque build-up, and bad breath.

Helps to prevent & soften tartar

The seaweed bio-actives are absorbed systemically and are secreted into the saliva to reduce the accumulation of plaque (which hardens to become tartar). Cleaner whiter teeth improve oral health and produce fresher breath. Nutraplaque should be fed continuously to maintain this effect.

Reduces plaque build-up

The specially selected patented Norwegian seaweed within Nutraplaque has been shown to reduce plaque build-up by 35% after just 4 weeks use.

Helps with bad breath

Studies have shown that the unique ingredients used within Nutraplaque can help reduce bad breath by up to 63% after 12 weeks.

Free from artificial colours, preservatives, gluten & sugar

Nutraplaque is completely free from unnecessary and harmful sugars and preservatives that can cause tooth decay and damage teeth and gums.

Easy to administer sprinkle capsules

For ease of administration, Nutraplaque is presented in capsules which can be given whole or opened and sprinkled on food which provides more flexibility for pets and owners.

Naturally helps oral hygiene 24 hours a day

The natural ingredients within Nutraplaque improve oral health around the clock, where they work within the saliva to reduce new plaque from forming whilst softening existing tartar.

Recommended by Vets across the UK & Ireland 

Nutraplaque is recommended by thousands of vets throughout the UK & Ireland. It can be purchased over the counter from any authorised stockist.


Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed
Ascophyllum nodosum is a special source of brown seaweed selected for its ability to reduce plaque, tartar and bad breath. It contains bio-actives such as Fucoidans and Polyphenols which are systemically absorbed into the body tissues and are clinically proven to reduce oral plaque and improve gum and teeth health.

Green Tea Extract (Decaffeinated)
Green Tea contains antioxidant Polyphenols called Catechins, which have the ability to bind to tooth enamel and reduce plaque adhesion. A reduction in oral bacteria numbers reduces tartar accumulation and helps produce fresher breath.

Each sprinkle capsule contains: 
300mg – Ascophyllum nodosum Seaweed (99% pure)
15mg – Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract (98% pure)
35mg – Yeast Extract
Technological Additives: 
Ascophyllum nodosum, Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract, Yeast Extract.

Each capsule to be administered either whole by mouth, or to be sprinkled onto or into your pets usual food.
Body weight (kgs)
Caps per day
Cats & S/B dog
M/B dog
L/B dog
L/B dog
Do not store below 5ºc or above 25ºc.
Keep out of direct sunlight.

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