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Frequently Asked questions about Proflax products

Below are a series of questions and answers that we thought might be useful when considering Proflax Natural superfood supplements for your dog. If we haven’t covered your question then please get in touch via email or telephone 01803 473634.
Q.      Proflax is labelled as a 'superfood'. Why is this?
A.       Ingredients in our products are in the indexed superfood categories. Flaxseed oil is a renowned superfood as are some specific 'power' herbs used in our formulas. 
Q:      Are Proflax products approved by a qualified vet?
A:      Yes. All of our unique herbal formulas have been approved by an independent UK conventional and holistic vet who specialises in herbal medicine. 
Q:      Why are fresh, natural products better for my dog?
A:       Commercial pet foods contain small amounts of bioavailable nutrients, even those that are diet/breed specific. Most commercial dried foods have been through heating processes and so lose nutrients and vital essential fatty acids. They also contain lots of carbohydrates such as potatoes, peas, wheat, oats or rice which are high in starch and sugars, akin to refined foods that we eat. Long term this can cause digestive and immune problems. Feeding a fresh diet to your dog will minimise health problems. Although labelled as a supplement, Proflax is a food additive that will enhance its nutritional value whilst supporting various aspects of health.
Q:       My dog is already taking omega 3 oil and/or herbal supplements. What makes Proflax products so different and why would I choose them instead?
A:       Proflax products offer numerous health benefits, rather than being just 'problem' specific as most supplements are. This is achieved with the inclusion of omega 3 rich cold pressed flaxseed oil and unique synergistic formulas of active herbal tinctures. To achieve the same level of health care would mean selecting oils and different herbs which can be confusing and costly. We take the headache out of working out which oils and herbs to mix and as our herbal blends have been formulated by a holistic vet they have been created to be extremely effective for their purpose. Every bottle contains between 20-25% volume of the herbal formula. As our ingredients are highly concentrated they work quickly -  in most cases health benefits have been seen in a matter of days. We focus on the holistic approach where the herbs selected help to balance both body and mind, which is unique for any 'ready prepared' product. Proflax products also prove to be more cost effective than buying individual supplements of the same quality.
Q:       Is flaxseed oil as effective as fish oil?
A:       There is ongoing debate about flaxseed oil being fed to dogs and its effectiveness. Flaxseed oil consists of ‘short chain’ EFA’s; ALA (alpha-linolenic acid - omega 3) and LA (linoleic acid - omega-6) and fish oil contains 'long chain' fatty acids EPA & DHA. They are completely different fatty acid chains and both types are beneficial. When fed with a species appropriate fresh diet, flaxseed oil is anti-inflammatory, maintains cell function, promotes healthy skin/coat and a healthy heart, builds strong joint tissues and aids digestion. High quality flaxseed oil does not contain toxins or chemicals as some fish oil can (leads, mercury etc).
Additionally, Proflax products aren't just flaxseed oil. They contain active herbal tinctures which aid the absorption of nutrients and so are extremely beneficial in supporting optimal health and specific conditions.
Q:      Can I use two Proflax products at the same time?
A:      Yes. We suggest that you choose the product which supports what your dog needs the most at that time. So if your dog needs help with skin sensitivities throughout the summer but also requires extra joint support we suggest that you alternate the two products daily, so Bone & Joint on one day and then Skin & Coat the next. Alternatively, halve the daily amount of each chosen formula and give both in one feed. It is not advisable to give the full recommended daily amount of both products on the same day.
Q:      My dog is really fussy? How will I know if he will like Proflax?
A:      98% of dogs do! Flaxseed oil has a nutty flavour and one of the herbs that we include - liquorice - has a very sweet taste so this combination offers great palatability. 
Q:      Can any of the herbal ingredients that are listed in the blends be harmful to my dog? 
A:     Each of the herbs in our formulas have been selected for their medicinal qualities and also for their safety. However, herbs are powerful therapeutic remedies and caution should be taken if your dog is taking blood thinners or modulators, in pregnant or nursing or if you have a puppy under the age of 8 weeks.  If you are concerned about giving Proflax then please ask your own vet for advice, giving them the full list of the herbal ingredients from your chosen formula. 
Q:      Can I give Proflax together with other supplements that my dog is taking?
A:      If your dog is taking other herbal based supplements that contain the same ingredients as your chosen Proflax formula then we do not suggest feeding them all on the same day. If you are feeding herbs that differ to your chosen Proflax formula then we suggest feeding them at a different time of day, i.e. in your dogs second meal of the day. If your other chosen supplements are not herbal they should be completely safe to be fed together. However, if you are unsure then please give us a call or ask your own vet for advice. 
Q:     You state that each bottle contains between 20-25% active herbal ingredients. Why is this important?
A:      Many pet foods or supplements contain very small amounts of all important beneficial ingredients. This means that for your dog to get the optimal health benefits it needs a higher percentage of the food/supplement needs to be consumed, or it needs to be taken for a longer period of time for results to be seen. Any dog food/supplement that has been through a manufacturing process generally loses its active compounds and so doesn't offer the same benefits as pure, natural unprocessed ingredients as those found in Proflax Natural products. We add between 20 - 25% of concentrated active herbal extracts to each bottle to ensure that your dog is getting plenty of those vital, beneficial ingredients and nutrients; vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Our active herbal extracts are of practitioner grade quality with a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 which means that they are powerful, but safe for your dog.
Q:      How long should I feed my dog Proflax?
A:      Proflax supplements are functional foods, which means that they contain nutrients to support good health & wellbeing. As we understand animal physiology, variation of food types is the key to maintaining optimal health. As such, we suggest feeding Proflax for a maximum period of approximately 3 months according to the level of support your dog needs (every day/every other day) and then either have a complete break or change from one formula to another for a period of time (the break can be as little as 2 weeks). Thereafter, you can re-commence feeding your formula of choice. Our Immunity & Vitality blend is a good general health product to opt for during the break period. 
For more information on feeding guidelines, please click here.
Q:        Can I feed Proflax even if my dog hasn’t got any ‘problems’
A:         Absolutely! We recommend a preventative approach to healthcare so if you have a breed that is prone to, for example, joint issues, then we would suggest adding Proflax Bone & Joint to their food every other day. Skin & Coat is marvellous for show dogs that need to be at their best for the big day so you can use Proflax as and when necessary.
Q:      Can Proflax be taken alongside prescribed medication? A:       We always suggest that you check with your vet  before giving Proflax if your dog is taking prescribed medication. This is because on occasions, herbs can affect the absorption of certain medication, so it may mean giving your dog Proflax at different times of the day. There are also occasions where medication can change blood pressure or have an affect on the central nervous system or organs so it is imperative that your vet approves your chosen formula taking into account your dogs specific medication.
Q:       My dog has an underlying health condition but isn't taking any medication. Is it safe to give Proflax?
A:      Your own vet will have a complete history of your dogs health and any underlying conditions. Although natural, herbs are powerful remedies that contain thousands of powerful bioactive compounds, so we would always suggest that you check with your vet before giving Proflax. They may ask for a list of the ingredients which can be found under the 'more information, ingredients and feeding guidelines' tab on each of the individual product pages.
Q:       My dog has pancreas problems and I've heard that any oil-based products should not be taken. Is this true?
A:       There is research readily available which gives evidence that whether a dog is on a high grain diet OR meat-based diet (which includes oils) pancreas problems may occur. There is also evidence that high fat, high protein, low carb diet has many health benefits. We would always suggest that you consult your own vet or qualified animal nutritionist if in doubt whether to feed Proflax natural supplements.
Q.        Is Proflax safe for pregnant or nursing dogs or puppies?
A:        No. We do not recommend that you give our supplements to dogs who are pregnant or nursing or puppies under the age of 8 weeks old.
Q.       My dog is about to have an operation. Can I continue feeding Proflax before and after? 
A.        Flaxseed oil may decrease blood clotting so we would always suggest that you stop giving Proflax one week prior to an operation and for one week post-op. We would also suggest discussing your dogs care plan with your vet who will be able to offer specific guidance regarding feeding pre and post op.
Q:       When can I expect to see results?
A:        As our ingredients are fresh, concentrated, active and in liquid form ready to add to food, they get absorbed into the bloodstream immediately which means that health benefits can be seen in a matter of days in some dogs, but in others, it may take a little longer. However, from day 1, your dog will benefit from the specific support of your chosen product.
Q:       I just give flaxseed oil to my dog.  What benefits do the addition of active herbal blends give?
A:       Herbs, especially those in their active tincture state, are well researched for their therapeutic benefits and efficacy. The bioactive compounds found in herbs  help with the assimilation of nutrients.
Q:       Have the Proflax range been independently tested for their purity' 
A:       Yes. An independent DEFRA approved laboratory has been working hard testing all of the Proflax Natural range using strict protocols. Intermittent testing over the shelf life of the products have been undertaken to ensure that the essential fatty acids remain effective and all of the products are free from pesticides, bacteria (E. coli/salmonella), fungi or any other chemicals. This independent testing will continue in order to maintain our quality and service standards.
Q:       How do I store Proflax and how long will it last?
A:        We recommend that you store the bottle in a cool dark place, preferably the fridge, and once opened it will remain fresh for up to 8 weeks. Prior to opening, every bottle has a guaranteed shelf life of 18-months. Date and batch number can be found on the lid of every bottle and as a sticker on our tubs of Tummy Tastic.
Q:       Can Proflax be fed to other animals?
A:       We have created our products specifically for a dogs palate. We will be adding more products to our range in the future which will include cats and horses. If you would like to keep in contact, then please link us on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
The recommendations on this site are offered as a guide to general health care for your dog and are not specifically diagnostic. Thus, it should never replace veterinary care where appropriate.
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