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  • APOPTOSIS SUPPORT - Powerful nutraceutical supplement supports the critical biological process of apoptosis in dogs. Apoptosis is a natural process for healthy cell turnover.
  • HUMAN GRADE & MADE IN USA - High potency, human-grade all-natural active ingredients blended for enhanced bioavailability. Made and packaged in a FDA registered and inspected laboratory in the United States.
  • CREATED BY A VET - Designed by a renowned veterinarian for use in his canine patients at his veterinary hospital in Hawaii
  • DOSING MADE EASY - Small, easy-to-dose capsules which don't need to be split. 90 capsules per bottle. If your dog isn't a fan of pills, capsules can be opened and mixed in your pup's favourite food or treat.
  • BIOVADEX - The bioavailability of our ingredients are enhanced with Biovadex, the proprietary technology that helps nutrients sneak past the body’s natural digestive processes and arrive in the bloodstream at good concentrations
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Why give your pet Apocaps?

Watch this video, if your dog has cancer there is no guarantee of cure or even improvement but herbal or mushroom complexes but it cannot make him worse!
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