the powerful nutraceutical supplement designed by Dr. Demian Dressler, DVM
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Apocaps®, the powerful nutraceutical supplement designed by Dr. Demian Dressler, DVM, author of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide.

This is the same apoptogen formula supplement Dr. Dressler developed for and uses with his canine patients at his veterinary hospital in Hawaii. Apocaps® is made in the USA with 100% human-grade, all natural ingredients.
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How could Apocaps benefit your pet?

What do Apocaps do?

Using pure, 100% human-grade, all-natural active ingredients, Apocaps® CX helps dogs by supporting a natural biological process in the body called apoptosis. This normal body process is nature's key to health, built into the DNA.
What does apoptosis do in the body? Apoptosis safely and naturally dismantles and clears old and damaged cells from the body.
Normal Apoptosis Is Good
When apoptosis is needed, apoptosis genes in the DNA of a cell turn on and direct the cell to die or "commit natural suicide." After natural death occurs, the body easily clears the broken-down cell parts through normal elimination.
Cells trigger apoptosis automatically at the end of their natural lifespan, when they have outlived their usefulness, or when the body no longer needs them. Apoptosis also turns on when a cell is damaged, becomes deranged, or cannot be repaired.
This is vital for life. Without apoptosis, old and damaged cells would remain in the body.

Apoptosis happens regularly in every body: the average adult human experiences apoptosis in an estimated fifty to seventy billion cells every day.

"Cell Suicide" Is Natural and Desirable

Scientists commonly refer to apoptosis as "cell suicide," which sounds a little harsh for such a normal, fundamental and desirable process. Maybe that is why its official name is apoptosis, which is a Greek word meaning "dropping off" or "falling off'. This word describes the falling of leaves from a tree in autumn or the falling of petals from a flower. It's a nice image, and it fits the very natural, normal role apoptosis plays in the body's cycle of life.

Imagine a tree losing its leaves in Autumn for an example of the natural and healthy body process called apoptosis.

Apoptogens In Apocaps®

Several plants have naturally occurring molecules which may support apoptosis when introduced into the living body.  These molecules are called "dietary apoptogens." These molecules and the plants they come from are cutting-edge research subjects in several laboratories around the world.
Many of these plants are difficult to extract and not readily available to the public, until the introduction of Apocaps®.
Apocaps® capsules are designed to help support apoptosis in dogs.

Seven Great Reasons to Choose Apocaps® for Your Dog

  • This is the only apoptosis formula available, and it's made specifically for dogs.
  • Some of the ingredients in Apocaps® -- although available in plants found in your neighborhood grocery store -- would need to be eaten in such high quantities that an extract form is vastly preferable.
  • All ingredients are 100% human grade, so you know your dog is getting a high quality nutraceutical supplement.
  • Developed by a veterinarian specifically for use with his own canine patients.
  • Apocaps® provides extraordinary quality at extraordinary value.
  • Convenience: sourcing each of these ingredients separately is costly and time-consuming.
  • Made and Packaged in a FDA Approved Laboratory in the USA.
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