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K-9 Immunity FAQ

1) Is K-9 Immunity™ a drug?

No, K-9 Immunity™ is a veterinary health supplement, intended as an immune system enhancement for dogs facing serious health challenges. Optimizing immune function is one of the most important steps you can take to insure that your dog's cancer treatment has the best chance of working and working quickly. The stronger your dog's immune system, the quicker he or she will snap back from a serious illness like canine cancer.

2) Are Vets in the U.K. using K-9 Immunity™ for treating dog cancer?

Yes, K-9 Immunity™ is quickly gaining recognition in the veterinary industry. But it is still relatively new, and few veterinary schools are teaching about immunomodulation therapy. So while this is the wave of the future in canine cancer therapy, many veterinarians have not yet been exposed to this treatment adjunct. We have a page designed to inform veterinarians about K-9 Immunity™. There is an entire book available for free online, published by the Government on this treatment option.

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3) Can K-9 Immunity™ be used by every dog?

Yes, K-9 Immunity™ is safe and all natural. It can be used as a daily supplement for any dog, regardless of his or her age or size. It is also USDA Certified Organic so you can be sure that K-9 Immunity™ is the best possible veterinary supplement money can buy.

4) Can K-9 Immunity™ be safely used in dogs undergoing conventional therapy?

Absolutely. K-9 Immunity™ tends to increase the efficacy of other treatment options. But cancer is a serious disease, and if you wish to add K-9 Immunity™ to your dog’s treatment, you should discuss it with your veterinarian. This is also true of any other herb or supplement you wish to use while he or she is undergoing conventional therapy.

5) With K-9 Immunity™ How long before we can expect to see results in cases of canine cancer?

Most dogs (75%+) respond within the first 10 days of treatment. K-9 Immunity™ Is very fast acting, and if you do not see significant results in the first couple of weeks, then chances are the dog is not going to respond to this mode of therapy.

6) Is K-9 Immunity™ made in the UK?

No, K-9 Immunity™ is made in America, using only USDA Certified Organic materials. While there are many immune supplements available on the market today, K-9 Immunity™ is the only product of its kind made in America. It is a combination of over 200 heteropolysaccharide immunomodulators, derived from six different species of medicinal mushrooms. All the other medicinal mushroom derived immuno-modulator supplements are imported from the Orient. While we have nothing against imported Chinese or Japanese supplements, the quality is not always what one would hope.

7) I see so many supplements that make claims based only upon test tube studies.

Has K-9 Immunity™ been clinically tested, and is it patented or otherwise unique?

Yes. K-9 Immunity™ is a completely unique and new type of veterinary health supplement. The compounds in K-9 Immunity™ have been tested in a number of different trials. They have been primarily tested in humans as an adjunct to conventional therapy for cancer. The results have been amazingly positive in each one of these studies. You can view some of these clinical trial results here on the Aloha Medicinals website. There are presently U.S. and International patents pending on K-9 Immunity™

What Dosage is recommended K9 Immunity Dosage is 1 capsule for each 10 pounds/5kg of your dog’s body weight. You may split the dosage up and give half in the morning and half in the evening or you may give them the full dosage all at once.

14 pounds or less (6kg) - 1 K9 Immunity capsule
14-24 pounds (11kg) – 2 K9 Immunity capsules
25-34 pounds (15kg) - 3 K9 Immunity capsules
35-44 pounds (20kg)- 4 K9 Immunity capsules
45-54 pounds (25kg)- 5 K9 Immunity capsules
55-64 pounds - 6 K9 Immunity capsules
65-74 pounds – 7 K9 Immunity capsules
75-84 pounds - 8 K9 Immunity capsules
85-94 pounds - 9 K9 Immunity capsules
95-104 pounds - 10 K9 Immunity capsules
105-114 pounds – 11 K9 Immunity capsules
115+ pounds - 12 K9 Immunity capsules

Note: K9 Immunity reaches saturation dosage at 12 capsules per day. There isn’t any need to exceed that amount.

Canine Cancer Information: Help For Your Companion

Vet and dogK-9 Immunity™ is an immune system modulator used for dogs fighting serious illness such as canine cancer. It is made from the same pharmaceutical grade immuno-modulating compounds as our human grade Immune-Assist Critical Care Formula™, but it is formulated especially for dogs with cancer. K-9 Immunity™ was developed from Aloha Medicinals human cancer research, and was first used in treating cancer in seeing eye dogs. It is now available as an over the counter supplement for your dog. K-9 Immunity™ has been used in thousands of dogs with cancer, and for more than seven years in human patients. Talk to your vet about K-9 Immunity™, or order now and get started today! Now available without prescription in the USA and many other countries.

Understanding the Treatments - Immuno-Modulation in Dog Cancer

Twenty-First century canine cancer treatment options: For hundreds of years, the best treatment option medicine had to offer was blood-letting and leeches. In many respects, cancer treatment in the USA is still at the leech stage. It's not that the doctors don't want to do better, but under our current regulatory guidelines in America, changes in medicine are slow to take place.

Today there is a better approach used to treat cancer throughout the rest of the world. One that offers greater hope of a successful outcome than any previous therapy. The treatment of choice for most cancers consists of a two-pronged approach: 1) Reduce the tumors in whatever way is appropriate for the patient, (surgery, chemo and radiation) while 2) addressing the underlying cause, which is a failure of the body to recognize the cancer cells as invaders and destroy them. This failure of the recognition response is what allows the cancer to grow, and is an immune system dysfunction. What we are hoping to achieve with K9 Immunity is to trigger the dog’s immune recognition response. When we can trigger this recognition response, the animal is able to address the cancer as it would any other wound, and heal it, leaving behind scar tissue. This two pronged approach to cancer treatment is termed Immuno-Modulation therapy, and is the way cancer is being treated throughout the civilized world today.

Of the many countries keeping cancer statistics today, the United States has the very worst remission rates of all. So don’t let anyone tell you we are doing it correctly in this country, and that the Germans, French, English and everyone else has it wrong. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation cannot cure cancer, since they only address one half of the problem. These methods are certainly valuable in treatment, and they definitely do work to reduce the tumors, but they do nothing to address the underlying cause that allowed the proliferation of the cancer cells in the first place. Ultimately, the immune system must be taught to recognise the cancer and fight it for a successful treatment outcome.

First, it helps to understand just what cancer is.

Cancer is the result of the body’s failure to recognize and destroy cells that do not replicate normally. The key to successful cancer treatment is to trigger immune recognition and response in the dog. When this happens, the dog's own body will usually destroy the cancer and leave behind only scar tissue. Why would a dog's immune system fail to recognize the cancer cells as invaders? In healthy dogs around 100 million cells replicate every day. Just by the shear number of cells replicating, some of them are bound to replicate with errors. One of the main functions of the Immune System is to identify and destroy these aberrant cells before they have the chance to pass that error along. It is only when the immune system fails to recognizes these 'bad' cells that they become cancer. What this means is that cancer is first and foremost an immune dysfunction disease. Because if the Immune System were working properly there would have been no chance for the cancer to begin in the first place. It would have been destroyed on a cell-by-cell basis as it happened. This is actually a process that occurs in all animals from the moment of birth onwards.

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