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K9 Immunityâ„¢
 has become the No 1  Veterinarian Recommended Immune Supplement for dogs in North America, and for a good reason – It Works !
K9 Immunityâ„¢  is more than TWICE AS POTENT! We did this by including the high molecular weight (HMW), triple right hand helix, heteropolysaccharide immune modulators.
K-9 ImmunityTM is an orally administered supplement intended for daily use in adult dogs undergoing cancer therapy, to optimise immune system function. It consists of a heterogeneous mixture of multiple heteropolysaccharide moieties derived from several species of well-known medicinal mushrooms.
Each capsule contains 500 mg. of a proprietary blend of over 200 immuno-modulators of the enzymatically-modified complex polysaccharide class, derived from the following hyphomycetes species:
* Agaricus blazei * Cordyceps sinenis hybrid * Lentinula edodes * Grifola frondosa * Ganoderma lucidum * Coriolus versicolor
* Nothing More, Nothing Less

K9 Immunity Dosage Sheet
K9 Immunity Dosage is 1 capsule for each 10 pounds of your dog’s body weight. You may split the dosage up and give half in the morning and half in the evening. <14 pounds (6kg)  â€“         1 K9 Immunityâ„¢ capsule 14-24 pounds (6-12kg)– 2 K9 Immunityâ„¢ capsules 25-34 pounds (12-16kg) - 3 K9 Immunityâ„¢ capsules 35-44 pounds -(16- 20kg) -4 K9 Immunityâ„¢ capsules 45-54 pounds (21-25kg) - 5 K9 Immunityâ„¢ capsules 55-64 pounds (25-30kg) - 6 K9 Immunityâ„¢ capsules 65-74 pounds –(30-35kg) 7 K9 Immunityâ„¢ capsules
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