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Homeopathy for Animals
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Homeopathy for Animals

Nosodes in animals

What are they and can they protect against diseases?

As you will see below there is little evidence they can but a lot of homeopaths believe they do
The Official BAHVS position is set out below as of early 2020

Nosodes are medicines derived from diseases or disease material (e.g. discharges, tissues, secretions, excretions) and made by the homeopathic method of succussion and dilution. They are widely used in the complementary treatment of infectious diseases, yet many do have other established complementary therapeutic properties in their own right. Their use in the treatment of infectious disease is not usually applicable to home first-aid application nor can the BAHVS recommend usage by any other than a veterinary surgeon trained in their use.

They have also been used as an aid to prevention of infectious diseases, although there is, as yet, no absolute proof of efficacy in this application. There are nosodes for most infectious diseases of animals, including many for which no conventional vaccination is available.

The BAHVS does not give advice on the use of nosodes for disease prevention, except to state that their use should be restricted to prescription by a veterinary surgeon trained in their application. Individual BAHVS members will each offer clients advice based upon their own experience and understanding.
The advice over approved vaccinations notwithstanding, the BAHVS cannot support leaving animals with no form of prophylactic cover against the major, potentially lethal infectious diseases.
Can they be used to protect against Disease e.g. Kennel Cough or Parvovirus?

Here are a number of opinions:
As with all homeopathy there are extremes of opinion for reasons I do not fully understand

You can find many others on line

Balanced Argument
Dr Jean Dodds opinion

My Recommendations

Also read the Vaccination Page for more information
So now you want me to get of the fence and say what I think:

I do not believe vaccines are as unsafe as some hard core homeopaths state but accept there can be side affects of vaccination in some individuals
I am not convinced nosodes over complete protection from a serious core disease such as parvovirus but I have seen kennel cough nosode protect my dogs, while not preventing them from getting a cough they got a much milder form BUT still caught it and then passed it on to another dog.

I would use where the illness is unlikely to be fatal or were there is no safe affective vaccine available or the person or animal was very young or old or otherwise immune-compromised.

If your pet has been vaccinated for the core virus diseases such as Parvo, Rabies, Distemper or Adenovirus in the case of dogs, Panleucopenia, Rhinotrachetitis, Calicivirus or Leukaemia in cats, then in most cases there is no point in giving the nosodes it will be immune.

Titre test to check preferably at a few months old.

So I recommend FIV for at risk cats, Kennel cough before shows, kennels etc for dogs and leptospirosis in dogs and regular vaccines as detailed on that page.

Sources of Nosodes

Where can I get them - homeopathic pharmacies such as Helios, Ainsworth or Freemans Chemist or my shop on the link to the right. >>
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