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Welcome to the Store

This is a welcome note to the NaturalPetCare's shop and explanation .

I have restarted my small web shop selling a small range of products for pets, other domestic animals and increasingly for people.

Often products will work well in both pets and humans and we can both take them and give them to our animal companions.

There are legal limits enforced by bodies such as the Veterinary Medicines Directorate as to what claims can be made and written about many of the these products and so very little is said about specific uses or doses for some of the products sold.

I will be happy to answer questions and advice on specific uses in a general way but there are products on here that can only be prescribed by a veterinary surgeon.
While I am a vet I also have to comply with the rules and ethics of the profession which means I have to see and examine animals in order to prescribe for a specific animal.

For example I cannot say Verm-x protects against worms on this site even if it does as there is not the double blinded controlled trials proving this. Such drug trials are prohibitively expensive and will never be affordable for such low volume of sales.

You will have to read elsewhere and sometimes read between the lines.

The products are as far as I am aware are all Natural and free from adverse side affects unlike some pharmaceuticals but possibly less affective in say killing worms or fleas but this can be advantage to the individual being treated.

I have 40 years experience in the veterinary profession and have used all of these products on my patients and family and myself.