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Can you give CBD to my pets?

At present these are no authorised veterinary CBD products available in the UK. Therefore, to maintain the availability of CBD to animal owners, Veterinary Surgeons may prescribe CBD in accordance with the Veterinary Medicines Regulations under the prescribing cascade. This means that in the absence of an authorised veterinary medicinal product, legally obtained human CBD products are the most likely source of CBD for pets.

To comply with the requirements of the Veterinary Medicines Regulations, pets can only be sold a CBD product if prescribed and administered under veterinary guidance. CBD pet products cannot be advertised and sold without a marketing authorisation in the UK.

So you should get a vet's prescription & buy a human product (which are in practice identical to those sold in other countries specifically for pets in many cases)
You can for your own animals legally give it whatever you wish and so buy human products to give to your animals.

I have written an extensive overview of this wonderful herb in my advice site which will give you a lot more information about what it can do, what varieties are safe and affective.

If you need to know more contact me please

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