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I have included 2 premium products which I often use in my practice, K9 Immunity and Corpet.
These are both herbal supplements made from Mycological products i.e. Mushrooms found in Asia and used in Traditional Chinese medicine. You can use other forms or even the mushroom itself.
They can be and often are combined with other herbs in cases of serious disease but you should be consulting your Veterinary Herbalist before using this sort of regime.

Corpet for Pets, Corpets For Horses

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Corpet for Dogs and Cats and Smaller Animals

90 tablets - 500mg
Under 5 kg 1/2 tablet twice daily for 60 days then 1/2 once daily
5-10 kg 1 tablet twice daily for 60 days then 1 tablet once daily
10-25kg 2 tablets twice daily for 60 days then 2 once daily
25- 40 kg 3 tablets twice daily for 60 days then 3 once daily
> 40kg 4 tablets twice daily for 60 days then 4 once daily

Corpet for Dogs, Cats and Small Mammals 90 tablets

Corpet (Coriolus versicolor) is used to support the immune system in animals under the supervision of veterinarians.
• Contains antimicrobial and antiviral properties.
• It boosts or strengthens the immune system of animals.
Corpet tablets (500mg) contain both mycelium and primordia (young fruit body) cultivated into a biomass that is grown on a sterilised (autoclaved) substrate under ISO 22000:2018 standards in Europe. The Corpet tablets are processed under FSSC 22000 standards in the Netherlands.
Coriolus versicolor (fungus biomass), Cellulose (microcrystalline) E460, Silica E551, Magnesium stearate E470.

Corpet supports a pet’s immune system.

You can read more about the use of supplements in cancer care on my Advice website naturalpetcare.co.uk and on the manufacturer's site

K9-Immunity and K9-Omega

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K9 Omega Softshells

These are not Medicinal Mushrooms of course but fish oils. The reason they are on this page is that they are recommended to be used with K9 immunity in some cases. Ask your Vet.

They are also a superb source of fish oils which can be used in other circumstances and extremely good quality for the price.

  • 60 softgels each bottle. Each softgel contains a full 1000 mg of fish oil concentrate. 1 per 10kg body weight daily
  • Top quality fish oil supplement for dogs. A blend of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids properly balanced for canine needs. Formulated from all cold water fish sources, using oil from salmon, anchovy, herring, sprat and sardines, with natural vitamin E to enhance freshness.
  • Helps support optimum cellular repair

Out of stock at the moment Sorry

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