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Next Vaccicheck Clinic

Saturday 22nd Jan 10am to 12 noon

At the Dogs Diner

Please contact the Diner to Book the time
Cost is £33.00 per pet paypale on the day or when booking
To Contact the Diner and make an appointment please phone
The Dog's Diner Ltd Tarran Way North, Moreton Wirral CH46 4UB 0151 678 2588

If you want an animal seen for any other reason either after the clinic or at another time please email me first or What'sApp +44 7903268439

If you want to learn what titre testing is then see blogs below or have a look at my website

It basically determines whether your companion has antibodies to Parvovirus and the other viral diseases for which he is offered vaccines. If he has he does not need vaccinating again.

Any questions contact me or the Diner

Turmeric a wonderful herb

Curcuma longa

The root of the plant is used 

Contains Volatile Oils and curcuminoid including of course curcumin


Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-platelet, anti-cancer hepato-protective, anodyne and a cholagogue. Is is warming and drying

Uses historically and Research

Traditional used for gastric ulcers and inflammation in particularly associated with rheumatoid arthritis

Small studies have shown improvement in dogs with joint disease but results as so often are not conclusive

Turmeric has been shown to have anti-cancer properties and induce apoptosis in certain types of cancer.

It has been shown to have liver protective properties against certain toxic chemical in rodent studies.

It has also been used with some success as and anti-snake venom

Possible Veterinary Indications

Inflammatory pain, As an adjunct to cancer therapy and inflammation of the liver

Drug interactions: none proven but consult your veterinarian if medically dosing as with all herbs Avoid with anti-coagulation medications

Suggest Feeding amounts

Dried and Ground Herb (Such as on the right above from WarriorBullz) 25-200mg/kg tid

Suggested to Feed: 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per 10 kg two or three time daily

It can be applied to wounds mixed as a paste - 50gm in 250ml hot water, cooled and then applied externally

Dried herb 50-500mg/kg ideally three times daily

Studies have shown that black pepper improves the absorption of turmeric in the intestine and can be used to reduce the dosage needed (see Golden Paste Recipe for more advice and how to make the paste) Of course it may be partly synergy between two herbs which we often use to our advantage in herbal medicine

You can use this to make your own Golden Paste for even better affects See Recipe Page on


Veterinary Herbal Medicine Wynn and Fougere

Introductory Post

Welcome to the 2022 version of Natural Pet Care and Natural Petcare Vet websites.

This is my new in house blog in which I will be writing news and comments about the world of Holistic veterinary care. 

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