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Natural Pet Care:
I describe some alternative or complimentary ways to treat our companions.
There are sections on
Natural Nutrition - fed raw and home prepared diets for pets
Natural Medicine - use homeopathy and herbs to try to heal gently
Advice Forum - Get advice and tell us your story
Blog - Read about cases and news from ourselves

This site cannot replace the individual advice given by a veterinary surgeon.
Right: Acupuncture being performed on a patient by Graham

Web Shop

We have a small shop selling a number of supplements to boost the health of your pet:
K-9 Immunity a supplement to help treat cancer
Corpet - a supplement to aid the immune system
Pet Plus - Super food for dogs and cats
Homeopathic Remedies and Nosodes
Everpup and Apocaps from the US to help the immune system
Nutravet products - not available on line clients only
Verm-X herbal worm prevention
and more to follow
Laser therapy for Horses